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Fur, Fur, Everywhere (Yet not a hair to see Yet)
25 May 1999    

BCDavis ()

Getting news for Carreyholics can be down right funny, oftentimes.

A brand new rumor hit one of the film news sites on the Internet concerning the upcoming Ron Howard-helmed live-action adaptation of Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The bit described efforts by Universal Pictures, the company producing the film, to make a small tunnel connecting the makeup trailer to the film's set. This tunnel would be used to hide Jim Carrey from prying eyes while in Grinch regalia.

As entertaining as this rumor is, it was realized that many folks could take it literally. JCO spoke with the film's online PR. After a quick laugh, she informed JCO that the rumor is not true.

Also, some details were given as to how much makeup is actually planned on being used. Quite a bit, since they are trying to be as faithful to Seuss' conception of the inhabitants of Whoville as possible. Lots of color, lots of fur. Molly Shannon, who is cast as Cindy Who, the character with the least amount of fur, will still be wearing heavy makeup for the role.

JCO was also told that unlike Warner Bros.' extravagantly tight control over the revealing of Danny DeVito's makeup as The Penguin ("Batman Returns"), Universal will not employ such drastic measures.

Filming on "Grinch" is scheduled to start very soon, although currently Carrey is not involved with its pre-production, as he is shooting principle photography for his upcoming film, "Me, Myself and Irene."

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