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JCO's 10th anniversary
08 Jun 2006    

By Lars Bräuer (Creator of JCO)

Wow, unbelievable... 10 years passed so quick and so many things changed but JCO is still there and of course up to date, not like many other sites on the web. ;) So first and most important of all, my deepest thanks go out to Monica, BCDavis, Heather, Tommy and of course all past, present and future correspondents.

I can't remember the exact time, but add another year to the 10 years JCO is there, that must be the time I've seen my first Jim Carrey movie "Ace Ventura - Pet Detective". I was stunned by that performance just like many other millions before. Right after that I had to get any other Jim Carrey movie available at that time.

It was about that time I was learning HTML and starting to write my first web pages. After helping a friend from the US translating his Sandra Bullock fan site into German, I decided to create my very own fan page about Jim Carrey, of course.

The very first site design was very basic. It was a white page with a few simple buttons, containing only little information. I don't have a screenshot of the design, but fortunately I have a printout somewhere. I'll scan that and put it online for y'all to see, as this is really a part of internet history now. ;) Soon after that I made a new layout which lasts till today. This sure is a very long time.

Anyway. It was a lot of work to do adding all the sections to the site and keeping them up to date. Monica from Portugal was the first to join me. She did a hell of a job writing a lot of articles and content. After 1998 my real life kept me really busy, so Monica became editor-in-chief managing the every day growing site for many years. BCDavis also joined the team. After Monica had to quit, BCDavis was the one taking care of the site. Heather joined JCO as L.A. correspondent. She managed to get an interview with Jim for JCO.
After a while BCDavis had to quit too, but fortunately Tommy from Denmark was there to become the new head of JCO and he's still taking very good care of the site.

Without these people JCO wouldn't be there anymore - for sure. I know there are a lot more people involved in JCO today. As I'm only in the background, I don't know most of the people involved. I should defintely change this. Thanks go out to our present correspondents Angelika, Cotton, Claartje, Grinchy Steve, Juliette, Nicola, Priya and Wesley.

Ok, since this is JCO's 10th anniversary, let me tell you a little secret: I'm currently working on a new and fresh layout for JCO. As my time is very limited I'm doing my best, but I can't tell you an exact release date right away or show you any screenshots yet.

So let's just hope JCO will be there for another 10 years.

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