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Happy New Year
31 Dec 2005    

By Nicola West (Web Correspondent)

On the film front, the year provided an interesting mix of movies. With "Batman Begins", "War of the Worlds", "Harry Potter" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" proving to be big hits, to name but a few. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "The Wedding Crashers" were the surprise outsiders, and there were some shocking flops, (never mind Russel, you still have Gladiator).

As the year drew to a close, "Narnia" and "King Kong" were the big Xmas movies, with a little movie called Fun With Dick and Jane and it's relatively 'unknown' star Jim Carrey providing the 'thinkers' choice.

Dick And Jane
Pictures © Sony Pictures Digital Inc.

Seriously though 2005 was a busy year for Jim. The filming of Fun With Dick and Jane did not go to plan and 40 pages had to be re-written taking the movie well over budget. Fortunately it's US release seems to be reaping the rewards of the re-write and the movie is doing well at the box office.
It was a relatively quiet public year for Jim however. There were the 'hush hush' press junket visits and the hilarious TV appearences to publicise Fun With Dick and Jane and we saw Jim receive a Teen Choice Awards and an AFI Star Award. We also saw him 'get down' at the US Tennis open and present very dignified speeches at the 'Ali' opening and Ron Howards big night but on the whole he kept a low profile, spending a great deal of time developing scripts for the 2006 onslaught.

There's a busy year ahead for Jim
"The Number 23" starts production in January and the project "Used Guys" with Ben Stiller is still on the cards for the Summer. Another interesting project will be the 'Burton' venture and will possibly see Jim working in Britain in the Autumn?

All at JCO Administration would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year...
Make it a good one and we look forward to all the stories and pictures you send, keep then coming. It all goes to making Jim Carrey Online the biggest and best Jim Carrey site on the net.


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