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Dick and Jane Promotions
26 Dec 2005    

By Nicola West (Web Correspondent)

Sony Pictures have laid on some great new Fun With Dick and Jane promotions for our amusement. In conjunction with Monster.com you can win $500, just chose the best red carpet interviewer. (my bets on the gal)

You can also win the ultimate shoplifting spree for yourself and a partner in crime. You'll take home $1000 worth of goods without an overnight stay in the cells!!

There's the 'Steal it back' sweepstake where you can win $1000 and finally your chance to win a $2000 investment package (coming soon). (hopefully it won't go down the pan like Dicks..)

Dick and Jane
© Sony Pictures.

Take a look and have a go,
have some fun,
you never know.........

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