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Muhammad Ali Center
20 Nov 2005    

By Nicola West (Web Correspondent)

On Ali's 19th Wedding Anniversary the stars came out in force, including Jim Carrey, to honour the man widely regarded as the greatest sporting hero in history.

© Getty Images

Last night at the Grand Opening of the Muhammad Ali Centre in Louisville Kentucky, Jim, suited and booted, proved to us, that like a good cheese he just gets better and better with age, was greeted by Ali's wife Lonie with the words, "Mr. Carrey, it's been a long time coming." Referring to the centre's creation.

The star studded line-up proved an impressive draw for the 1000 spectators lined up outside and included such luminaries as former President Bill Clinton and actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Kris Kristoferson and Will Smith as well as Jim Carrey, who were treated to an extravagant 3 hour gala.

In a honest move Jim acknowledged to the audience that not everyone had appreciated Ali's politics and braggadocio. Recalling the speeches of the young fighter.

Jim was quoted as saying "I totally disagree with the sport of boxing, but I can't take my eyes off it."

"I wanted somebody to kick his a--," Jim said, prompting a roar of laughter from the crowd. "I know a lot of you felt the same way. But over time, I realised that it wasn't bragging. It was affirmations. He was creating his life."

© Getty Images                              © Mark Wilkerson

Further pictures can be found in the JCO Gallery and a pic of Jim at the Airport in Louisville.

-- Source: Getty Images. Click to comment this article.

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