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Carrey may star in "The Number 23"
22 Sep 2005    

By Priya B (Web Correspondent)

According to Comingsoon.net, Jim Carrey is in talks with director Joel Schumacher to star in the thriller "The Number 23". Both have earlier worked together in 1995 mega hit "Batman Forever". Carrey and Schumacher each had time in their schedules to make it their next assignment.

According to Variety, the script is written by Fernley Phillips. Carrey will play a man who becomes "obsessed and haunted" by a book that appears to describe his life, but ends with the murder of the central character. The number 23 appears again and again in the book, seemingly woven into the plot, and he becomes obsessed with the number in his own life while trying to ensure that he himself is not murdered.

The film will be under production very soon. Shooting may begin in November. Right now Schumacher is concentrating more on his recent project "The Crowded Room" and Jim Carrey is in talks to star in "Used Guys" co-starring Ben Stiller.

-- Source: ComingSoon.net. With thanks to cableclair. Click to comment this article.

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