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First "Dick and Jane" Review!!
20 May 2005    

By Anonymous (JCO)

*Possible spoilers*

I just got done seeing the very first rough cut of "Fun with Dick and Jane" at a test screening tonight at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. There was only about 75 people in the audience and they told us we were the very first people to see the movie. Brian Glazer and Ron Howard were even in the audience!!

Overall very funny! Still needs some work and because it was a rough cut, the quality of the picture (sound, etc.) wasn't up to par.

I don't want to give away all of the movie but there are some funny scenes. The little boy who plays their son keeps learning spanish from the housekeeper and even picks up a spanish accent.

Fun With Dick And Jane
© Sony Pictures

Jim Carrey gets a job at a "Walmart" type of store as a store greeter. Very funny when they both have to rob stores, banks, etc. to stop from having their house repossed. The picture below of them in the "dirt hole" is actually the place where they were going to place their hot tub, until his company went bankrupt. Hate to give away anymore plot due to the fact I don't want to be sued, etc.

All I can say is go watch this movie when it comes out! Very funny...two thumbs up! Excellent movie!!

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