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Fishing trip
25 Feb 1999    

by BCDavis

Carreyholics’ boats have been rocked lately with the rumor flying around the Internet that Jim’s current project, a remake of the classic Don Knotts film “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” has been canned. Striving to get to the bottom of this mystery, JCO started digging for more information. The results?

A Warner Bros. spokesperson stated that she can’t comment on it.

Mr. Carrey’s publicist said she can’t say much on it because the film’s still up in the air, and that they’re not really sure at this point.

The JCO Cedar Key Beacon contact has been digging around as well (since their town was the site chosen for the live-action segments of the film). He came up with more rumors, including that the production won’t be coming because there wasn’t enough rooms to house the crew. What’s really going as to why the production start date keeps being pushed back hasn’t been told to him yet.

Other folks are saying that the trouble lies within the vast CGI (computer generated imagery) special effects needed for the film. A check with Rhythm and Hues ("Babe" and the Polar Bear Coca-Cola commercials) gave JCO the news that the project had not even been green-lit yet.

In any case, “Limpet” is on hold for an indefinite amount of time.

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