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In Living Color, Season Three DVD
05 May 2005    

By TNPihl (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

The "In Living Color" Season Three DVD Collection" is coming! Fox Home Entertainment releases the four-Disc DVD on May 10. Jim Carrey Online has got a special offer. Free shipping to all JCO members from the USA. Order "In Living Color: Season 3" here (FoxStore Price: $31.98). Enter coupon code "ILCS3" at checkout and you will get the free shipping!!

The third season features the addition of two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Jamie Foxx (Ray, Collateral) who joined the cast, and undisputed diva Jennifer Lopez as one of the fly girls. Running for five years, "In Living Color" immediately became a primetime favorite with its edgy sketches and featured some of the biggest future stars like Jim Carrey (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier ("Life With Bonnie"), Tommy Davidson (Juwanna Mann) and the Wayans Brothers (White Girls). Classic sketches such as "Fire Marshal Bill," "Homey The Clown," "Three Champs and a Little Lady" and "Handi-Man" make the DVD set a 'must-have' for any fan's collection. The collectible four-disc "In Living Color" Season Three DVD Collection features all 30 episodes from the third season and is loaded with extras, including commentaries, featurettes and more.

DVD cover © Fox Home Entertainment

Special Features:
The four-disc set is presented in full screen 1:33:1 aspect ratio and features English and French Dolby Surround Sound and English and Spanish subtitles. The DVD set is loaded with extras, including commentaries, featurettes and more.

The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc One - Side One
- Homey the Sellout Part II
- Men on Television Part 2: What Happened To Blaine
- Clarence Thomas' First Day
- Green Eggs and the Guvment Cheese
- The Adventures of Handi-Boy

Disc One - Side Two
- Home Alone Again
- The Jackson Bunch
- Late Night with Mike Tyson
- Krishna Cop
- My Left Foot of Fury

Disc Two - Side One
- Anton and the Reporter
- Sidekick in Nam
- Santa Fire Marshall Bill
- Michael Jackson: Little Timmy's Not My Lover
- Grim Reaper

Disc Two - Side Two
- George Bush Meets Tommy Wu
- Hour of Power: Preachers on Trial
- The Fist That Rocks the Cradle
- Club Ozone
- Anton and the Green Card

Disc Three - Side One
- Player's Club
- The Last Man on Earth
- Cousin Elsee
- Silly Cone
- Wanda on the Dating Game

Disc Three - Side Two
- Anton Gets Rich
- Michael Bolton
- Bloopers
- Men on Football
- Homeboy Shopping Network

Order "In Living Color: Season 3" here. Enter coupon code "ILCS3" at checkout and you will get the free shipping.

-- Source: Fox Home Entertainment. Click to comment this article.

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