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Take Your Daily Pihl
31 Jul 2003    

By BCDavis
(JCO Editor-In-Chief)

Correspodent Tommy Pihl has been pounding the electronic pulses of the Information Superhighway, and here's what he's got for us.

"Over the Hedge": Gene Wilder has been added to the voice cast as Norbert the Owl. But, here's a tad on Jim. Jim's performance as RJ is simply divine. He's done a "little" improving off the script (hehe, we all know what that means - FUN!) and his delivery style is very Carrey (as one observer put it, "bombastic"). When this film comes out, listen as RJ (Carrey) tries to "sell" Verne (Shandling) on the wonders of human civilization. This ought to be good...

"Fun With Dick and Jane": The sucker has been CANCELED. Just six weeks before shooting was to start, and guess who drops out, shutting the whole works down? You guessed it. Barry Sonnenfeld - the film's director. This is the SECOND Carrey film he's out from. The other? "Lemony Snicket." Carrey joined FWDJ so as to be able to work with Sonnenfeld. There is hope, though. Producer Brian Grazier ("Liar Liar," "The Grinch") will try and shoot the film with the cast in tact after Jim is finished shooting "Lemony Snicket."

"Bruce Almighty": (Yes! The thing's still around!) Here are ten "BA" Websites from around the globe you may want to check out:

-- Source: Variety, Yahoo!. With thanks to Tommy Pihl @ Jim Carrey Nettet. Click to comment this article.

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