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More "Almighty" Records Broken
03 Jun 2003    

BCDavis (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

First off, second week run box office tallies for "Bruce Almighty." Second week total earnings are $37,329,480 mil. Add that to the first week earnings and "Almighty" has garnered in a "little more" that $100,000,000 mil. Pretty good there, Jim, pretty good. Right now "Almighty" is at No. 2 in placement, being knocked out of the top spot by the release of "Finding Nemo" (no big shocker here).

Now, here are some new Carrey records set by "Bruce Almighty."
  • "Almighty" knocked "Reloaded" out of top spot in Italy (while running half as many prints as "Reloaded") earning $3.8 mil. This broke a Carrey release record in Italy previously held by "The Truman Show."
  • In Singapore, on 33 screens, "Almighty" earned $680,000 and the No. 1 spot. It broke another Carrey best ("Liar Liar") by 30 percent.
  • On 60 screens in the Philippines, "Almighty" landed $550,000 and the No. 1 spot, breaking another Carrey record previously held by "The Mask" by 16 percent.

    -- Source: Variety. With thanks to My Email. Click to comment this article.

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