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More Info on "Mitty" and "Snicket"
15 Mar 2003    

By BCDavis
(JCO Editor-In-Chief)

Okay, a tad more information on the remake of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "Lemony Snicket." Believe it or not, they're connected.

Paramount wants to move fast on the "Mitty" remake. They want to get production underway for this film in early 2004. But, Paramount wouldn't be the only ones on board. Dreamworks is, too. Why? For one, Spielberg is set to direct "Mitty." And two, Dreamworks is pulling Paramount's tail from the fire by working with them on "Snicket." It's a "piggyback" deal.

But also, Spielberg and Carrey have been dying to work with each other for years. The right project just hasn't come along. When "Mitty" arose from the depths of development hell, they both jumped at the chance, seeing this project as the perfect vehicle. The only thing left to do now is to dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s of the contracts and clear Jim's and Steven's filming schedules. It is unknown whether or not Spielberg and Carrey will tweak the already established "Mitty" script developed years earlier by New Line Cinema, or if they will start out completely fresh.

And what do you know. "Snicket" IS moving forward, and Jim is set to star as Count Olaf. He just has to finish filming "Eternal Sunshine" first. The wheels are a turnin', and it looks like we know what Jim's up to right after "Snicket," IF Paramount can swing that quickly approaching 2004 filming deadline.

-- Source: Yahoo! News. With thanks to My DSL. Click to comment this article.

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