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Hmmm... He Doesn't Get Noms, But He Gets to Go?
26 Feb 2003    

By BCDavis
(JCO Editor-In-Chief)

I tried my best to get the AMPAS to tell me if Jim was going to be a presenter at the 75th anniversary of the Academy Awards. I even asked if they'd even asked him in the first place. Did I get anything. Nada.

But, thanks to the JCO hotline (the Forum, ladies and gents) I did catch the word. So, here it is, if you don't want to hunt and peck in the Forum... (Oh, go on, you know you want to, anyway.)

Jim Carrey will be making is fourth official appearance as a presenter at this year's 75th Annual Academy Awards which will air on Sunday, March 23, 2003 at 5:00 P.M. PST. There will also be a half-hour arrival segment before the actual awards ceremony, so, be sure to check in on that, too, because as we've all recently learned, you never know where he's going to turn up!

So set those VCRs, Carreyholics! And let's see if our most burning questions will be answered! Will he be funny or serious? Will he steal the show and slam the Academy? Will he be scruffy looking because of shooting "Eternal Sunshine...?" Will he even have the guts to plug "Bruce Alighty?"

Gosh, I love it when it's Jim Carrey season... CARREY ON!

-- Source: AMPAS. With thanks to JT Carrey @ Jim Carrey Extreme. Click to comment this article.

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