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First international box-office results for "The Truman Show"
09 Nov 1998    

According to Variety, "The Truman Show" is having high-rating overseas premieres and showing a strong potential for appealing to a wide range of public.

In Italy the movie earned $1.94 million in three days and has already took $5.2 million after its second weekend, which puts it 130% ahead of Jim Carrey's last hit, "Liar, Liar."

In Australia "The Truman Show" opened with a $1.89 million result in four days, making it the country's fourth-highest opener this year after "Deep Impact," "Armageddon" and "Dr. Dolittle." Its box-office already reached $9.5 million, excluding the second weekend earnings.

The movie also took $526,000 in four days in Hong Kong, $322,000 in three days in Mexico and $216,000 in four days in Singapore.

"The Truman Show" US box-office after an 18 weekends showing amounted to an impressive total of $125,556,228.

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