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JC gets musical - With exclusive report on Elton John & Jim Carrey's duet
17 Sep 1998    

Jim Carrey seems to be investing more on his very good vocal abilities. He not only appeared onstage with Elton John to sing "Rocket Man" during John's recent concert at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, but also belted out "Mack the Knife" with Jeff Goldblum's Monday night jazz band at the Lucky Seven supper club in Hollywood.

We got a smokin' exclusive report from Megs, who was in the front row at Elton John's concert. Here's what she said on Elton & Jim's duet:

I was there right in the front row!

When Elton announced his surprise guest was Jim Carrey the entire audience (including myself) when WILD! He came out on stage wearing one of Eltons red leather jackets with gold crosses adorend on it, and a pair of EJ's green glasses, with a red rose between his teeth.

Elton started off the song "Rocket Man" and then two lines into it Jim started singing. Surprisingly he wasn't bad, but he sounded more like a Lounge Singer than anything.

Jim messed up on a line of a song, but Elton corrected it. Then instead of singing "I think it's going to be a long long time" Jim said "I think it's going to be, friggin forever!" And then at the end Jim helped Elton by banging his head on the piano! It was hilarious!

Hope you like this!


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