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Majestic press coverage
20 Jan 2002    

By Dana
(JCO Editor)

Movieline, January 2002
© 2002 Movieline
Courtesy Celebrity-Exchange.
The release of "The Majestic" has some very interesting, guiding press features in tow. Jim Carrey is pretty much everywhere, gaining credits and respect for a side he hasn't been able to show to many. His latest role triggered a wave of fine articles, portraying not only his serious self but increasingly his romantic side, if you will.

Detour, The New Yorker Magazine, Premiere and Movieline are the latest examples of some most fascinating coverage. Detour featured an artistic series of photos that display a thoughtful, deep, even dead serious Carrey. The subtle suicide scenario was hardly to see at first glance.

Premiere, December 2001
© 2001 Premiere
The New Yorker went as far as giving him a multiple-paged in-depth coverage that only few would receive. Premiere and Movieline published a few most exceptional photos that should not only cause one or two heart attacks among his female fans but managed to show Carrey's most inner self. Our favorite is definitely Movieline's close-up shot in black and white. Never has a photographer captured more of Jim's soul than here.

For the first time, a new light shines on Jim Carrey. The romantic lead in "The Majestic" made many gasp with amazement at how attractive he actually is (well, we knew it already, didn't we), and suddenly, people want to explore this newly discovered facet. His image is changing. Watch out, Hollywood - there's a new man in town!

© Movieline
(January 2002)
© Premiere
(December 2001)
The New Yorker
© The New Yorker
(December 17, 2001)

To buy these magazines, click below and do a search under "Carrey":

-- With many thanks to Gertie @ Celebrity-Exchange for letting us reproduce the Movieline photo. Click to comment this article.

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