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Another "Majestic" review
01 Nov 2001    

by Angelika
(JCO Correspondent)

Moriarty over at Aint-it-Cool News wrote a wonderful review about "The Majestic" and the magic of movies in general. After reading it I am even more (if this is possible ;-)) looking forward to see "The Majestic".

These are only a few quotes:

"...[Jim Carrey] does it all here, and he never once looks like heís acting, or like heís playing some ďbig moment.Ē He manages to play Pete Appleton and Luke Trimble and show us differences between them and also clearly define what defines each them. His moment of self-realization, his remembered life flooding back in all at once, is note perfect. ..."

"...[Frank Darabont] makes the whole thing feel graceful, natural, and the pace of the movie strikes just the right balance between leisurely and abrupt. Itís got energy, but itís not afraid to take a moment and digress if itís worthwhile. ..."

"... THE MAJESTIC is already one of my favorite films of the year, and the kind of movie that does it all: entertains, provokes, and emotionally affects. When those final credits roll, expect America to erupt, and expect word of mouth to be strong. This is the right film for the right time, and I have faith that people are going to hold it close to their hearts. I already do. ..."

- AICN: "The Majestic" review -

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