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"The Majestic" set report - Fort Bragg shoot
05 May 2001    

Movie Veteran, who worked as extra in several of the scenes shot in Ferndale, also participated in the filming done during this week at Fort Bragg's Skunk Train Depot. He kindly agreed to share his on-set adventures with us, which are transcribed below for your reading pleasure:

«The Majestic Co. was most praising in their appreciation of the extra's group and putting up with frightful weather and other privations of mind and body.

The people were cast about in various Motels... and one noted fleabag. I was lucky in a bare bones Super 8 motel.

Tuesday opened up clear and bright for the railroad depot scene with a hellish wind: cold and colder! Jim Carrey arrived to a whistling, cheering crowd (many times over) then on to his stepping from the train car (again many times over), then on to his moving into the cheering crowd (many times over) However, by this time, the sun was setting, so off to beer and early bed/tv for most.

Wednesday began at 5:30A.M. with the day promising to be clear and warm, to continue with Carrey working the crowd and other main cast people in assorted emotional greetings, lasting all day to the last drop of sunshine, adjusting madly to shoot the last remnants with the crowd before the Ferndale group were to leave that night.

Now it was moving at a good pace, keeping the crowd alive with excitement putting forth with great gusto for each bellowing cheer ("--that was great, now another---and another! Great!" etc etc very effective and much was made of it by the Directors.)

Of course, the crowd cooperated to the fullest, with the gain of going home a day early, not be held over: boarded the departing bus art 9:30PM and we got back into Ferndale at 1:30 the next morning---got home proud of it all. And so it went for the Majestic in Ft. Bragg!»

-- With many thanks to Movie Veteran for this great report and to our Anonymous contributor in Ferndale for sending it in. Click to comment this article.

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