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"Majestic" set reports - Monday, 16
17 Apr 2001    

After a prolonged weekend, work on the set of "The Majestic" restarted Monday, and thanks to Ferndale Fritz, Lora Jabot & Mr. Cool, we have many details on that day's shoot to share with you.

Lora owns Jabot's Vintage Boutique, and among her contributions to production are props of clothing, and painting the mannequins faces in the now famous "Sally's Clothing" store.

As Ferndale Fritz reports, "Monday started off at Town Hall Park, where last Thursday's work had ended, making a few minor script changes to the meeting between Pete and Adele after Harry's funeral, and that took up the morning and about an hour or so after the lunch break."

Memorial honoring Lawson's WWII veterans Detail of the plaque with the veterans names A crew member keeps a screen from falling due to high winds
Left and center: WWII veterans' memorial in front of Town Hall and detail of its plaque (© Ferndale Fritz). Right: The picture that could have been of Laurie Holden and Jim Carrey near the memorial (© Lora Jabot).

In the afternoon, our contributors told us that a scene involving several cars with FBI agents, also outside the Town Hall, had to be called off around 2:30 pm, due to rain. A couple of major wind gusts had already put the crew on alert, and apparently were also responsible for sabotaging one of Lora's pictures above (Darn it!). Adding up to the unfriendly weather, two town fire alarms went off during the street shot and fire trucks had to come rushing through town. As a result, by 3:00 pm production had decided to shut down the set and move to the fairgrounds.

An FBI committee comes in town Lawson's citizens witness the unexpected visit Another car with federal agents Another view of one of the vehicles
Several "action photos" showing vehicles and extras, as they could appear in the movie.
© Lora Jabot

Regarding the rest of the day's work, Ferndale Fritz's sources told him that "there was some cover-set work done at the fairgrounds in the late afternoon, with just Pete and Adele, but most of the crew was sent home early." As for what will happen in the next days, he let us know that "talk among the production and location people was that no decision has been made yet about the remainder of the Ferndale schedule. There was some discussion of extending the shoot here by another week, in anticipation of bad weather the next few days and not enough indoor scenes left here to keep everyone busy."

-- With our very special thanks to Ferndale Fritz, Lora Jabot, and Mr. Cool for the reports and wonderful photos. Click to comment this article.

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