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Cookies and a Pig
01 Apr 2001    

Although there seems to have been some discontentment among Ferndale shop owners over the repeated close-down of Main Street last week, some really funny episodes also took place, as our Anonymous correspondent describes. Here's the adventures of one of his friends, Ellie Green, a.k.a. the Cookie Lady, on "The Majestic" set. (And boy, after reading about those cookies don't we envy the crew members!):

«Talking to several people in town, we all seem to have the feeling that it's not just Castle Rock making The Majestic starring Jim Carrey---it's really all of us. We are all making this movie: the professional movie crew, and the local people who have temporary jobs working for Castle Rock---even if you live in town and go about your daily business escorted by the conductors in their green vests you become part of the process of making this film.

Ellie Green owns Valley Arts, a shop right next door to the Majestic set: normally she teaches painting classes and sells her decorative art work, but for the movie her shop has been turned into the local laundry and tailoring service (you can't imagine how many people come in the door asking if she actually does laundry).

Ellie is a lady of high style: rarely a day goes by when she is not in full high heels and a colorful dress, often with grand hats or sweeping shawls. Life should be a party, she says---and with her it is. Her little shop has become a salon for the local artists who drop by for an hour of news and views in the afternoon.

She took pity on the construction crew several weeks ago: many of them were away from home, and by the time she reached her shop about 10AM each morning, they were having a coffee break. So Ellie decided to bake cookies, and distribute them free of charge to the Castle Rock troops from her covered basket: molasses stars, sour cream drops, pecan spice cookies, chocolate kisses. Now, she's become an institution---she's the eagerly awaited Cookie Lady, with her dressy style and home baked goodness for the movie crew.

Preparing to shoot on Main Street, Friday, March 30
Preparing to shoot on Main Street, Friday, March 30.
© Gary Franklin
Last night [March 30] the shoot went on past 10PM, and the camera was focused right at Ellie's front door. The street outside was brightly lit with a giant 'night sun' array, but Ellie stayed inside with most of her lights off as they went on take after take:

It was silent in the street for a long stretch: then Ellie and her sister Carolyn heard a sound out front: 'bwah!" like somebody having a bad time. She almost went to help...After a minute she heard 'cut!"---and another minute later the same sound right outside her front door 'bwalgh-kak-kak!" ...then 'cut!"

---it was an actor starting the scene from the top each time, barfing on her front door. She started to laugh---the scene went on over and over 'Bwar-hulg-ak-ak!" and 'Cut!" for hours. She and her sister both sitting in the dark and trying not to be heard outside---and breathless with stifled laughter.

Meanwhile, Jim Carrey as Luke Trimble is outside having some heated words with the barfing character who takes a hard swing and knocks him to the ground. Luke picks himself up and staggers off into the Majestic.

Half way through the shoot, Ellie's fans knocked on her side window and invited her out to the outdoor comissary area--- this is one of the great places to be, in town. Ellie has met Laurie Holden and David Ogden Stiers there along with all the extras and the crew---there is a continual parade of food all day long. Bagels are available in the morning, frozen Dove ice cream bars, fresh fruit, caffe latte, sandwiches, sodas, candy. Yesterday there was delicious sushi with shaved ginger and wasabi.

And by the evening, Ellie went out to find a whole roast pig laid out with an apple in his mouth, courtesy they say of Mr. Carrey who likes his Friday feast: there was barbecued chicken and a fresh caesar salad---a big surprise and a delight for everybody working on the movie. Not the least of whom is the Cookie Lady. We think she should get screen credit.»

Editor's Note: The character with stomach problems and a bad mood is Bob Leffert, who is being played by Karl Bury.

-- With a world of Spank Yous to our Anonymous reporter for the article, to Ellie Green for sharing her set adventures with us, and to Gary Franklin for the pic. Click to comment this article.

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