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Diary of an Extra
30 Mar 2001    

There are some things that really make you want to see a movie, and the article below can undoubtedly be included in this category. It was sent by our Anonymous reporter and written by his friend who is currently working as an extra in "The Majestic". The author is a veteran in the art of movie-making so this comes from someone who definitely knows what he's talking about:

Everybody comes to Mabel's
Everybody comes to Mabel's.
© Gary Franklin
«The schedule is tough, just waiting endlessly, starting at 5AM wakeup to 8PM Wrapup, actually 10PM on Wednesday night. Finally got in front of the lens for a total of 9 retakes, mainly due to one of the principals had a fit of the coughs (it was almost comical) but it was during Carrey's long drawn-out reaction to a touching scene in which it took 45 seconds to respond each time.

Then added to that was the makeup people flitting about with powder puff and other necessities, then having to hold in position all the while, was giving me feet and back problems, aggravated by the shoes which were cumbersome and tiring to the extreme.

However, a very sensitive and touching thing happened between Carrey and a lady Extra. Carrey suddenly reached out to the extra behind him in an improvisation for the emotion he wanted for his dealing with the girl he "can't remember" Carrey reached for and got a touching motherly reaction from the extra that gave him his motivation to the "girl" All quite teary, even amongst others aware of the exchange. [All those years in films in Hollywood and] I have never seen that kind of thing happening.

It was a tender experience for the extra, she was overwhelmed at the intimacy---It was a real encounter between a sensitive actor motivating both himself into his following scene and getting a spontaneous reaction from an extra who had never before been on stage. I would think the Director would highlight the lady in a subsequent scene somehow.

The whole of it was quite moving, a very large departure from his noted zany antics.

The young Director of the Extras is very much liked by all, he's sharp in his herding 84 people about, with Monday's hoorah of about 200 new extras expected it should be a big adventure for all.»

-- With our sincerest thanks to "The Majestic" Extra and to our correspondent for sending this wonderful article, and also to Gary Franklin @ KHUM.com for the cool photo. Click to comment this article.

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