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News on "The Majestic" casting call
09 Feb 2001    

The extras casting call for "The Majestic" was held last Friday and Saturday at Ferndale and at Eureka on Sunday and Monday. Over 600 people auditioned in the first couple of days and other 300 on Sunday. Everything went smoothly although more than 10 hours of work had to be done by the production crew just on Sunday. The extras hired will be used in crowd and atmosphere scenes.

Steve was really nice to offer us the details on the "Majestic" casting, which appeared in Eureka's local newspaper, The Times-Standard. Here's an excerpt of the article:

"...The potential extras had to show up dressed in 1950s-style clothing, if possible, fill out an application giving their contact information and tailor measurements. Then they went into the theater, had their picture taken, which was attached to their application. Next they got back in line and went upstairs to the balcony, where more photos were taken as well as video footage.

The applicants were of all ages and came from all over the county. Some women wore poodle skirts, prim white gloves and saddle shoes, while men slicked their hair back dressed in hipster suits with wide ties and suspenders. Others didn't dress up at all. Some people even brought pet dogs and one brought a parrot along. At one point a brass band showed up and did a rendition of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.'"

-- With a big Spank You to Steve for The Times-Standard article and The Film Dude for the audition dates. Click to comment this article.

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