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Roach wants Carrey for "Hitchhicker's Guide"
12 Jan 2001    

According to an interview given by Jay Roach ("Meet The Parents") to Popcorn.co.uk, the director is still very much interested in bringing to the silver screen "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".

Although arranging studio financing for the costly project is proving to be a difficult task, Roach hasn't given up on the idea, nor has the "Guide"'s author, Douglas Adams. As stated by Jay Roach, Adams is very actively involved, personally doing the movie adaptation and also producing it.

When asked about whom they wanted for the main cast, Roach answered that "We've always thought Jim Carrey would be a good Zaphod and Douglas has always wanted Hugh Laurie for Arthur."

Even if we agree that Jim Carrey would play Zaphod Beeblebrox to perfection, we can't help finding the mental image of a double-headed, three-armed Carrey, somewhat disturbing. ;-)

For the complete quotes by Jay Roach, check Popcorn's website:

- Popcorn.co.uk: Jay Roach interview -

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