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"Me, Myself & Irene" interview from TMF
28 Dec 2000    

While "Me, Myself & Irene"'s release on video and DVD approaches at full tilt, Steven sent us this little appetizer from The Music Factory's caves:

TMF: How was it to be on a Farrelly Brothers set?
Jim: A typical day on a Farrely Brothers set is um... I get out of the car and I just say "Bobby, Pete, don't look at me!" I go to my trailer, I'm there for one hour or two hours, 'till the drugs kick in! I come out and I'm ready to go at work and I say: "Okay, what sick twisted fantasy, that you always wanted to do and you always wanted to be, would you like to vicariously live through me?"

TMF: What was the most important change that Jim Carrey made to the script, to the story?
Farrelly Brothers: I would say all the physical stuff!
You know, for a long time we wondered, he has to play two roles, and we thought: "How we gonna differentiate the one guy from the other? Is the one guy always gonna be smoking? What's gonna tell the audience that he is the one guy or the other?"
Then Jim started to think about the character, and it's a funny thing, you just know by looking at him which guy he is and it's how he holds his eye-brows and his face! To bring that kind of talent in his role, is the biggest thing he did!

-- With a double Spank You to Steven for yet another cool transcript. Interview © The Music Factory. Click to comment this article.

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