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The Weeknd "Sacrifice" Music Video with Jim Carrey
09 Jan 2022    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

With the launch of the 'Dawn FM' album, The Weeknd has now released a music video for song 5 "Sacrifice". In the days prior to the album release, The Weeknd shared some videos on his social medias, with Jim Carrey's voice as the narrator, a radio DJ.

Watch the music video for his song "Sacrifice" below. The song is about his battle with drug- addiction and that even though both people in a relationship should make sacrífices, he's not willing to sacrífice nothing. He prefers to sacrífice her love for drugs, since drugs have never broken his heart… so far.

In the original song on the album, it was without Jim Carrey, but in the music video Jim's voice can be heard in the beginning as the radio DJ. What a great song. Check out the full album, out now! Check it out:

The Weeknd - Sacrifice

Jim Carrey's part:

You are now listening to 103.5 Dawn FM
You've been in the dark for way too long
It's time to walk into the light
And accept your fate with open arms
Scared? Don't worry
We'll be there to hold your hand and guide you through this painless transition
But what's the rush?
Just relax and enjoy another hour of commercial free yourself music on 103.5 Dawn FM
Stay tuned

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

-- Source: The Weeknd. Click to comment this article.

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