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SNL Cold Open with Jim Carrey (10/3/20)
05 Oct 2020    

By Lucas Allen (Web correspondent)

Although the first 2020 Presidential Debate on September 29th was a bit much to take in, Saturday Night is still the right place to make it more entertaining and hilarious. The show's Season 46 premiere started with a bang with the return of Alec Baldwin as President Trump and the debut of Jim Carrey as Democratic candidate Joe Biden. It's worth noting that this is the first time these two actors worked together since 2005's Fun with Dick and Jane.

When Carrey's Biden first appears in the cold open, we can see that he not only looked and acted the part but also displays the classic Carrey physicality with it. Just before the debate, Biden took out the measurement tape to measure his distance from Trump before moving his podium back a couple of inches. In fact all throughout the opening, Carrey portrays Biden as a passive aggressive person trying to keep his cool and not raise his voice while being rudely interrupted repeatedly by Trump. At one point, Biden says to himself that he doesn't want to go all "Whitey Bulger" and tries to smile from what he was taught in anger management.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Biden portrayal without the candidate's real-life quirks. There're the man's awkward pauses and smiling plus losing any train of thought. There's also a part when he tries to calm himself by listening to ASMR recordings by Harry Styles. But then Trump unleashed a laser pointer on his opponent and Biden begins acting like a cat.

Then Maya Rudolph finally comes in as Biden's VP candidate Kamala Harris to be the "mother" of both candidates, have Trump apologize, and promising them peanut butter apple slices if they behave. The sketch ends with Biden pausing Trump with a remote control before encouraging viewers to vote on Nov. 3, or at least come ride on his train to Delaware.

You can watch the full video below:

-- Source: NBC. Click to comment this article.

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