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Jim Carrey Reads An Excerpt of His Book
06 Jul 2020    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

Tomorrow, the world will be able to read Jim Carrey's book "Memoirs & Misinformation". But until then…. Jim decided to read us a bit of it in a video he posted on his Twitter.

"Well... it's here. Want me to read you some? This book is about a character named Jim Carrey. You might have heard of him.

"It was upon purchase he's most sacred object, affirming his arrival, fulfilling his very spirit, Chaplin had not merely impressed but formed it, showed him how any gesture, a kiss, playing with bread rolls can be freed from the mundane, imbued with magic. Charlie Chaplin was always turning caterpillars into butterflies. He had used comedy to reveal and not flee the truth of the human predicament. He'd roller skated blindfolder over the void like a planet circuling a black hole. He'd filmed a factory worker sucked into a machine, feed thought it's coags and gears *assailing in age that turns people into things and Charlie Chaplin had battle the bleak world with what? Not a knife, not a gun. A cane. Gentle, gestural, the bottom of a maestro. Chaplin cane with no disrespect to Hockney, Picasso or Basquiat was, in this moment what Carrey wanted to save most. An intention to do just that, he walked against the broiling heat into his living room, grabbed the delicate object from his loose site brace, clutch it to his chest and made it for the door when, with an awful crash, the tallest of his whooping willow trees, fell through the roof, splitting the support beams, trapping Jim Carrey between his overturn glass dining table and a nest of burning vines. Still, he clung to Chaplins' cane."

Check out the video:

We can't wait to get our hands into our copies to read it too.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come.

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