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Jim Carrey live at FRED Radio Call today in Venice
06 Sep 2017    

By Anikó Kovács (Web correspondent)

We are very happy to announce that there have been filmed quite a few video of Jim during the Venice Film Festival. Some of them were made by fans while they're taking photos and getting autographs from Jim. As usual he was very patient and friendly with the fans.

You can find some from the press conference on YouTube too if you type this: "Jim Carrey Venice Film Festival 2017" He mentions Jerry Lewis, talks about this movie he promoted and about his paintings. There can be found a really funny one too, when the interpretor is being insane, and nobody knows what's going on, and the headphones don't work.

We'd like to highlight one of them, it was made by Fred Film Radio. He says intriguing things like that: 'Life is better if there's no you involved', or his new theory: 'Heaven=consciousness-you'. He thinks there's connection between all of us and reincarnation does exist. This film is the proof for that. Watch it below.

Check them out on YouTube! They're must-see ones, we guarantee you that!

PS: "It's a movie what we're living in, this is a wonderful little story, a fantastic fantasy adventure. Who knows how it will end?

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