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Red Carpet and World Premiere of "Jim & Andy"
06 Sep 2017    

By Anikó Kovács (Web correspondent)

"Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - The Story Of Jim Carey & Andy Kaufman With A Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention Of Tony Clifton" was about to start at 22:15 pm in Venice at Sala Grande last night.

But before the audience was able to see the documentary at the world premiere, in other words the red carpet event had to happen.

Jim Carrey arrived in a stylish silver suit, in a black shirt and in black leather shoes. He looked very fresh and cool as he walked on the red carpet where lots of photographers had been waiting for him and the crew of the film. Jim was interviewed by an Italian man. They were both in a good mood, were joking and laughing. We could feel the great vibes.

Jim made his entrance funny, he was dancing, entertaining the camera man and he also sat down between the photographers, which was a totally spontaneous thing, he was as suprising and unexpectable like Andy Kaufman, both of them always have something new to show. Jim also gave a kiss to one of the cameras.

He was smiling through the whole event, waving and giving autographs to the fans and the lucky one got also a selfie with him.

Video Clip

Then the film was shown. It got a huge applause as it ended and Jim burst into tears. He was weaping and was cleaning his face from that salty liquid that came from his amazing eyes. He also put on his sunglasses, maybe he wanted to hide that he was crying. It was a very touching, emotional moment.

After that he was able to be funny again. He walked down on the stairs to the fans in a weird, unusual way, his movements seemed to be dance moves, or something like that.

He shook hands with the people who was nearby, and seemed proud and was happy because his movie did well.

As soon as we're gonna have more details or release date of the film, we're gonna let you know you about it! Check photos in our Gallery.


Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

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