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New Grinch photo
23 Jun 2000    

Here's a very good photo of Jim Carrey as The Grinch, from the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Although the makeup is stunning it sure wasn't easy to stand, as Jim Carrey recently explained during an interview to Entertainment Weekly.

He had to endure the claustrophobic feeling of being buried under tons of green fur and latex the entire day, endless hours of makeup and, specially, the huge custom made contact lenses. According to Carrey "It was like having knives in your eyes every day. It was 'The Mask' times a thousand! I felt like God was teaching me patience." In fact, the lenses were so excruciating that Ron Howard had to bring in a specialist who teaches Navy SEALs to withstand torture, to help him through the process. Ouch!

The Grinch

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

-- Image © Universal Pictures. Click to comment this article.

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