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Jim Carrey's Unaired SNL Sketch - The Kids
21 Feb 2015    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

We mention in a previous article how ideas sometimes don't come true.

That goes for pretty much all in life but we are glad that sometimes some things we are not supose to see, end up reaching our eyes.

Saturday Night Live has celebrate its 40th Season, and even though the show is aired live, normally here's also a few sketches who are pre-recorded.

Because SNL is a live show, sometimes some sketches, even if they are planned, never make it to the final cut.

One of these sketches is called "The Kids" from 2014 by filmmakers Matt and Oz.

Jim Carrey

Basically it starts out very normal... A guy (Mike O'Brien) is on his way home after dinner with his girlfriends (Aidy Bryant) parents (Taran Killam and Kate McKinnon) who aparently love him. But that's the only normal thing in this sketch.

Soon after the guy leaves he starts being chased by kids and the more he runs, more kids join in the chase. He ran so scared that he get into a basement like space where he meets a kid, sitting in a chair with a king crown who starts ordering him to bark like a dog.

But the best part of it, is that we get to see Jim Carrey playing the stooge, standing near the "King kid", laughing and making fun of the man. Also another man (Bobby Moynihan) serve the King kid with his iPad.

As an ultimate challenge the guy is ordered to leave and as he fails to try and leave without waking up a group of kids asleep on the floor, he gets attacked by a lot of children.

It's in the mist of the attacked that the guy decides to call his girlfriend and end the relationship with her.

Check out the video here:

The sketch is clearly a satire about the fear of commitment but we have to say that Jim Carrey looks amazing. It's a shame it never made the show in October last year, when he was host of the Halloween-episode.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more news come since we are definately not afraid of commitment.

-- Source: Saturday Night Live. Click to comment this article.

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