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Jim Carrey as the Comic Villain Brainiac
01 Dec 2014    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

You don't need to be part of the entertainment business or even to be part of the more specific industry of cinema to know that sometimes, plans change.

More often than not and more recently than before, movie productions are cancelled for numerous reasons, and some stories never get to see the light of day because of it.

In 1990s one of those movies was "Superman Lives" whose director was the famous Tim Burton.

When this happens, we tend to play the "what if" game.

Concept artist, Rolf Mohr recently shared what happened when he was attached to the "Superman Lives" Project. But the best part of it is that he let us know that Jim Carrey was one the names given to him to play a very known villain.

Jim Carrey

In an interview to Comic Book Movie Website he explained the character in detail, and the difficulty he had creating concept art without ever actually seeing a script. He had to create art based on very vague descriptions, was not even told who had written the screenplay or even that Tim Burton was going to direct. All he knew was who they were considering for the role of Brainiac.

"At the time I had no idea who had written it or that Tim Burton was on board to direct, but they told me Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman were being considered for Brainiac."

But… who is Brainiac in the world of Superman?

Well, I'm sure those of you, fans of the comics books or simply comic books fans in general, already know the answer but for those who don't, Brainiac is a robotic super villain most well-known for shrinking the city of Kandor before Krypton's destruction. He's usually depicted as a green-skinned humanoid. Though his origin is often changed in the comics, he is known to be Superman's most high-tech nemesis, and one of the main villains aside from Lex Luthor. And despite any change in origin, his skin always stays green.

A green character?

Well as fans of Jim we know green is Jim's favorite color and that he has played numerous characters who either are fully green or at least have one part of them green.

But, we will risk saying that, if we play the "what if" game for a second, Jim would probably say yes but not for the color, but for the challenge that this character may be.

And if Jim filmography is any indication… we are sure he would succeed.

We at JCO will keep you updated as more super news come.

-- Source: CinemaBlend. Click to comment this article.

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