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"The Writing Is Phenomenal On Television Right Now"
26 Nov 2014    

By Eva Araújo (Web correspondent)

We all know that in the process of promoting a movie, many actors go through what we know as "press junket". Talent people answer questions from journalists all over the United States and also from international countries. It's a roundup of interviews with one thing in common… Unfortunately for us fans and for the actors, the common thing is the questions. They are all pretty much the shame.

It's rare when we find interviews that actually run away from that predictable cliché. Thansk to Cotton who found a great article from Cover Media. Reading it, we end up learning about more about the future for Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey

The journalist asked Jim if he was writing a book and his answer, leaves us hopefull:
"Yes I am writing a new book, yes. I wrote a children's book, and I have another children's book in mind, but I am also writing my memoirs, which are completely fictitious, just like real life."

After the success of "How Roland Rolls", we wonder if we will get to see another sequel of Roland's adventures or even a new story, with new characters all together! It would be amazing! Of course that a memoirs book would be a jewel for any Jim Carrey fan so we are very excited about that too!

Jim hasn't done much television since the comedy-sketch show "In Living Color" but, the same journalist asked Jim if he was "tempted to go back to TV?" at what Jim replied: "I was on the verge of doing a series a while back and I am producing something for Showtime that I won't be in but it comes from my world, the comedy clubs. But I was thinking about doing a series and the draw is that the writing is phenomenal on television right now but I don't have any plans now, no." Taking the cue about it he also asked: "The new TV is centered around drama a lot; do you think there's room for more comedy on TV?"
Jim says: "I probably wouldn't even do a comedy on TV, I would probably do a drama." When asked "why", Jim simply reply: "I don't know, because I just don't think it comes off as well."

We will always be very happy seeing, Jim expressing his talent in any shape or form, in any way he wants or feels the need to.

But it would be wonderful to see more of Jim on TV, in a drama role, especially being such an amazing actor. There's nothing artist that he can't do. And we are looking forward to take in, every bit of it!

We at JCO will keep you posted as Jim's talent widens.

-- Source: covermg.com. Click to comment this article.

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