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Memorable Moment: Howard Stern (2003)
01 May 2014    

By Amanda Jayne (Web correspondent)

The show starts with Jim Carrey being filmed in the 'Green Room' before going on to be interviewed by Howard Stern, as per usual hilarious Improv from Jim. Plus such a funny story about how Howard's father met Jim in an Elevator whilst he was filming in New York and renting in Howard's Building. Jim famously likes to be low key but Howard being Howard can't wait to bring up the, "Jim Banging a Different Chick Every Day" stuff. Jim trying to be the gent but this is Howard and it's funny.

Of course, if you are a huge Jimbo fan you will be quite aware of Jim's humble past (living in a car and he and his family working as Janitors'). Jim usually talks about this so openly in serious interviews but the interaction between these two makes it nothing but off the chart funny, especially when Jim is describing a Jamaican co. worker's adversity to anything female and sanitary. It ends with an incredibly funny piece involving taking the michael out of Jim's early sad life set to an overly mushy Hollywood score.

Then after a short break Howard is teasing Jim about Money and 'Gold Diggers' (Jim proving he's too smart for that). Then such a funny piece with Howard having the bit between his teeth now about Jim owning the 'Private Jet' blah. Fantastic lad's banter about 'Chicks' and 'Play Boy Bunnies', great the way Mr Jim Carrey always brings other people's blingy expectations back down to reality.

Then Howard openly jests with Jim about the 'Ladies'...From his relationships with beautiful Hollywood Stars, Renée Zellweger and Lauren Holly, (Jim being so sweet but Howard's gang being sooo naughty and outrageous you can't help but giggle, it's so funny) to dating regular people, which Jim does but how hard it is for them.

Howard Stern

This part of the interview is hilarious, Howard drooling over Jim's 'Dating List of Beauties' (Linda Ronstadt, Queen Noor, January Jones, A Russian Ballerina and The Olsen Twins) and wanting the bare facts, Jim is visibly squirming because he's such a Gent but going head to head with Howard on the funny stuff.

It ends with Jim telling us about his friendships with Nicolas Cage and Tom Shadyac (Writer, Director, Producer who has worked with Jim on "Liar Liar", "Ace Ventura" and "Bruce Almighty") and he and Tom's stalking of Grizzly Bears in Alaska. He also touches on the casting of Jennifer Aniston for "Bruce Almighty" and having to fire a Model/Actress from a Movie.

Then Howard and Jim speaking about the release of "Bruce Almighty" and that the movie will be up against the "Matrix" and his exsasperation that the Matrix may have run it's course.

Howard also touches on the fact he and Jim would now be great in a movie together, screenplay based on Jim's earlier Grizzly Bear story, the wit between these two guys is brilliant. Then Jim's ready to face the Phone-In part of Howard's show, always a classic, not your usually bunch of square radio listeners it can be a bit brutal.

Jim Carrey is asked by a listener, "why he doesn't host the Academy Awards", something a lot of people would love to see. Jim knows he would be brilliant at it but he's a complex guy and only he knows why he wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

Another caller then asks Jim about an encounter he had at dinner with a 'Porn Star'. Although very pretty, in your face, crude, non subtle sexual stuff doesn't do it for Jim Carrey.

Next callers...some funny stuff about Britney Spears, Renée Zellweger and Jim's preferences about who to bang and who to hang out with and then finishes with some crazy dude asking how well endowed he is.

The interview ends with a few words from Jim Carrey. Watch the full show here. Added in three parts:

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