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Jim Carrey Comforts Fan
31 Mar 2014    

By Eva Ara˙jo (Web correspondent)

For those fans that have got the chance to meet their favorite artist, more than having a moment they will never forget, is the overwhelming emotion that comes. Last Saturday, Jim Carrey was spotted at the Rose Cafe in Los Angeles and working there was a waiter who after seeing Jim became very emotional.

Jim Carrey placed an affectionate hand upon the waiter's shoulder, who rubbed his eyes to alleviate the streaming tears. After the waiter calmed down, the duo had a good chat.

Jim Carrey   Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey   Jim Carrey

Jim even posed for a photo with the man who clearly was very touch by meeting Jim for the first time.

We're sure the experience was unforgettable and if you're a fan of Jim and would like to share your story, don't forget to send us so we can add it to our Fan Sighting page.

We at JCO will continue to update you as more news come

Jim Carrey

-- Source: DailyMail. Click to comment this article.

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