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Jim Carrey Presents a Tribute to Animated Heroes
03 Mar 2014    

By Eva Araķjo (Web correspondent)

One of the most anticipated award ceremonies of the year is the Oscars, the 86th Annual Academy Awards. The glamour, the dresses, the tuxedos, the jewelry, etc, are nothing compared to the love, tribute, adoration, laughter and sensitivity of this ceremony who allows many great artists a chance to be officially recognize by their peers.

Last night March 2nd and for the fifth time, Jim Carrey has walk into the Dolby Theater stage to present and to light up the audience with his humor.

In a metallic blue jacket, black bow and shirt, he walked in with a smile:
"Donít patronize me. It must be tiring be a nominee. So much you have to, so many dinners, so many people to talk toÖ it can really snap your adrenals. Iíd imagine."

As many people know, Jim started his career by doing impressions and one of the actors he used to do quite often was Bruce Dern. Bruce was nominated this year for Best Male Performance for a Leading Man, for his role in the movie "Nebraska" and Jim took notice:
"Iím so excited tonight and Iíll tell you why. Iím excited to be here because one of my true heroes Bruce Dern is nominated for an Oscar this year and Iím so excited about that."

After that Jim impersonated him, making the entire audience laugh, including Bruce.

Jim presented a footage tribute to heroes in animation. From such films as The Incredibles, Shrek, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Kung Fu Panda, Brave, and many others. Again he made the audience laugh by pretending to misread the teleprompter:
"For decades, Hollywood has rely upon a special kind of magic that conjures heroes from all shapes and sizes. From genies, ogres, talking toys to flying elephants and dancing penguins. Of course, this magic Iím referring to is LSD!"

"Hold on, I may be reading that wrong!" Carrey says before taking his glasses from his jacket. He then continues: "is animation! Wow! That was way off!", one more time making the crow laugh. He finishes his monologue in an ďAce VenturaĒ mood.

Jim Carrey never disappoints and always entertains. He certainly has proven that last night.

Hereís the video of it all:

Check out our Gallery for the pictures of the event, click here.

We at JCO grant Jim with the Oscar for best actor EVER, and as more news come, weíll keep you all updated.

-- With thanks to Lucas Allen. Click to comment this article

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