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Memorable Moment: The Ellen Show 2005
05 Nov 2013    

By Amanda Gillott (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey promoting "Fun With Dick And Jane", on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, December 2005. The interview opens with an hilarious skit by Jim Carrey, he turns his chair into a spaceship in reference to a Jody Foster film called "Contact". Jim is always the best at taking the pee out of films that take themselves too seriously. This brilliant scenario with Ellen plays out in the first segment of the interview and then leads into Jim serenading the audience with a Christmas song he just makes up off the bat, finishing up with Jim going into space again in his chair. Ellen and Jim are brilliant together.

Jim tells us how he likes to spend Christmas, back home in Canada with his family and tells a beautiful funny story about how his late father tied slay bells under his bed when he was a kid.


The 2nd part of the interview opens with a fantastic promo clip from "Fun With Dick And Jane" and Jim telling us what fantastic chemistry he had with Tea Leoni saying how "Tough but sexy she is". The type of girl you would end up with that would make you better... and "If she wasn't married he would have been late for the show today" (ha we all know Jim loves strong women).

Jim then goes on to describe the epic plot to this brilliantly funny film, if you don't know already it's about a couple who lose everything, try everything but then turn to a life of crime with some deliciously hilarious antics. Jim hates doing the conventional 'I'm here to sell a film', so we get the tongue in cheek awkward wit thrown in about why we should go see it. Ellen reminds us it was up against "King Kong" opening that week and Jim has a naughty but funny sly reference to his film being about a couple in real love and taking down the establishment together as opposed to a sick thing between a girl and a hairy primate.

After the break Ellen shows a clip of a previous visit by Jim where she gave him a bike as a gift. Of course he gets on and rides it and falls right on his ass doing a cool trick. Jim calls this the 'Eugene' factor (Eugene is his middle name), whenever he tries to be too cool it just kicks in. As Ellen had witnessed how hard the fall was she then goes on to present him with another bike but with starter wheels on. This is when Jim's genius kicks in and he can basically make comedy out of anything on the spot.

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