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Memorable Moment: Larry King Live 1999
12 Sep 2013    

By Amanda Gillott (Web correspondent)

Larry King opens the conversation by reminding us that Jim Carrey made a staggering ten movies in five years and asks Jim why it took him so long to come on the show. "Because he was scred" is the answer, it's a well know fact Jim doesn't like these type of interviews because he is underneath a very shy guy and doesn't like to expose too much of himself... saying "Well, you may get to know the real me".

Jim explains why he was so set on making "Man on the Moon", because Andy Kaufman is the 'Patron Saint' of Comedians', both a car wreck and something beautiful and sublime to watch, a bit like our Jim one would say. Jim then gives us a fab story and an impression of the director, Milos Forman and some insight into Andy's real feelings about what the public thought was his best work.

One of the people that inspired Jim Carrey as a kid was Dick Van Dyke, and he describes how he first saw Andy Kaufman on Dick's show and how he admired the fact that Andy Kaufman was a risk taker. Something Jim lives by, not waiting for the moment down the road but just going for what you want, hence the experiences and success he's acquired in his life.

Larry King Live

Jim goes on to explain how money has never been the leading factor in his life, he has said before... "It's always something a lot deeper than that for him that drives him. Even when he was living in a van with his family or living on next to nothing, he always believed the Universe was going to right things, that the money would come some how.

We then have Jim's journey through getting the role and inventing so many fantastic characters on the Show, "In Living Color" and getting a fantastic opportunity to re-write some crazy idea of a film called "Ace Ventura" (and look at the genius that produced). Even back in 1999 Jim talks about being comfortable taking 4th lead in a film and Larry asks him if he would consider working with Woody Allen or Scorcece in the future, (that would be amazing to see what he would bring to a Woody or Scorcece film). Which then leads nicely into Jim talking about Peter Weir and the brilliant "The Truman Show" and a couple of insights into the Oscar buzz around this film at the time.

Larry then touches on "Liar Liar", "The Cable Guy" and "Batman Forever" where Jim puts the Tommy Lee Jones rumours to bed (stories of them not getting along), "Me Myself and Irene" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

The video ends with Jim Carrey telling Larry why he isn't that comfortable with these long in-depth interviews, whilst he says they are a good thing overall, the bottom line honestly is that... "You know you can only do so many without thinking your story is played out"... for us Jim Carrey, NEVER!!

-- Source: CNN. With big thanks to cotton. Click to comment this article.

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