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Jim Carrey: Iím sorry that I called you names
09 Jul 2013    

By Eva Araķjo (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey has publicly voiced his opinion about assault rifles and the need for gun-control in U.S.A., especially on his Twitter page where he call out all the gun enthusiasts in a series of tweets. He even did a satirical music video, "Cold Dead Hand", which was launched on March 25th on the Funny and Die website and both written and sung by Jim.

After the many reactions that took place after the video was put online, Jim continued to voice his opinion sharing both the love and the hate that people transmitted to him. He also issued a statement directly to "Fox News" who attacked him in a personal level and Jim wrote an article at the Huffington Post, explaining his position on the whole situation.

This week, and again through his Twitter account Jim apologized to those, he offended with some of his harsh words:

Jim Carrey

Jim, in his following tweet, also lets people know that his opinion is still the same about assault rifles and gun-control and that he's apologizing only for calling names to the gun enthusiasts:

Jim Carrey

Realize when we make mistakes and apologize for them is what every human being with a heart, good sense and beautiful soul, does. We are proud of Jim for doing it.

We hope though, that those people who have been hateful and bullies to others through this, will follow Jim's example.

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