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Memorable Moment: Jay Leno Show 2007
16 Jun 2013    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

We've revisited some of Jim Carrey's old television interviews and this time it's the turn of his "The Number 23" promotional appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in 2007.

Suited up and looking sharp, Jim shimmied onto the set revealing he chose his entrance music. Leno proceeded to ask Jim how he celebrated Valentine's Day whereupon Jim joked that he wrote Jenny a song called ‘take it off get it on!’ and he duly began to sing it.

The discussion moved on to superstition. Jim revealed that he is not particularly superstitious and gave an anecdote about whistling in Yuk Yuk's when he was starting out and the response he got from a superstitious fellow comedian. Jim divulged that he had actually visited the studio before when he had an interview for Saturday Night Live and on his arrival saw a man threatening to jump off the HBO sign. He never found out if the man lived, nor did he get the SNL job but a couple of months later he did secure his place with the "In Living Color" team.

Jim Carrey and Jay Leno

When Jay asked Jim if he had always wanted to be famous, Jim admitted that in the beginning he did but he acknowledged that ‘everyone wants to be famous these days,’ so Jim joked that he would retire and become the only audience member left.

Moving on to his recent non-work trip to Israel they discussed how the paparazzi descended upon Jims hotel and the only way for Jim to enjoy the trip was to use a body double decoy, a local Shepherd named Amir Garfunkel.

Finally addressing the film promotion, Jay and Jim discussed the films theme and showed a clip. Jim revealed that he was motivated to make the film because of a long-standing fascination with the number 23. He cites Wayne Fleming as the cause of his obsession which caused him to name his old company JC23. When asked if he gambled around the number he said no but he did reveal he looked for the number everywhere. In the film he plays an animal control officer so in keeping with the theme Jim took an animal onto the set. The animal in question was a lobster which Jim pretended had pooped on the table.

Once Jim segment was finished they were joined by political candidate, Tom Vilsack.

Watch the interview here:

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