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Kick-Ass 2 - Casting Update
05 Sep 2012    

By Tommy Pihl (JCO Editor-In-Chief)

Jeff Wadlow ("Cry Wolf," "Never Back Down") was handpicked to direct "Kick-Ass 2" by the director Matthew Vaughn, who directed and co-wrote the original film based on Mark Millar's comic books. Instead Vaughn will produce the movie, because of his commitment to Fox's "X-Men: First Class" sequel.

"Kick-Ass 2" will feature the original cast Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Motherfucker), Nicolas Cage (Big Daddy) and Yancy Butler (Motherfucker's mother Angie D'Amico) as well as new additions John Leguizamo (Javier), Robert Emms (Insect-Man), Morris Chestnut (Hit-Girl's stepfather Marcus), Donald Faison (Doctor Gravity), Lyndsy Fonseca (Katie Deauxma), Lindy Booth (Night Bitch), Andy Nyman (The Tumor), Jim Carrey (Colonel Stars) and Claudia Lee (Brooke).

We still don't know who will play Mother Russia (Motherfucker's dangerous bodyguard). We will keep you updated soon.

Kick-Ass (2010) had a budget of $25 million and went on to make $96 million worldwide.

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