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Only a New Seed Will Yield a New Crop
01 Feb 2012    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

On Saturday February 4, from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM at the Saban Theatre in Beverly hills, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment will be holding GATE2. The theme of GATE 2 is 'Only a New Seed Will Yield a New Crop: New Entertainment and Media Values for a New World.'


The evening will be a celebration of transformational entertainment, media and arts an exploration of what this new, emerging genre is all about, and an inspiration for attendees to become more involved in sharing the energies of their personal transformation with the world through their work.

The night will feature a variety of presenters, from A listers like Jim Carrey and Eckhart Tolle, to the relatively unknown, but all are involved with the transformational arts, entertainment and media. Through the program of speakers, videos, music and arts performances, film clips and other multimedia presentations, attendees will leave intellectually stimulated, emotionally moved, and inspired to pursue their work with greater clarity, substance and commitment.

Jim Carrey from GATE 1 in 2009

Jim Carrey will be joining fellow hosts John Raatz and Louie Anderson before taking the stage himself as a guest speaker/performer. He will also treat those in attendance to a viewing of his art.

The occasion will be broadcast live on the web by 'Jupiter Return' but for those lucky enough, you can buy tickets here.

-- Source: Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. With thanks to cotton. Click to comment this article.

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