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Art Video - Man In A Lawn Chair
10 Sep 2011    

By Priya Baboota (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey has uploaded two new interesting video clips on his website Jimcarreytrulife.com.

The first clip is called 'Bladin' NYC With My Favorite Ex-Girlfriend'. In this clip Jim is roller blading with his ex-girlfriend Betina Holte who is now a Danish designer. They are moving around the city at night enjoying the things that are coming in their way, whether people or interesting sights.

Jim Carrey | TruLife
© Jim Carrey

The second clip is called 'Man In A Lawn Chair'. An exclusive look into Jim Carrey's art studio in NYC. In this clip Jim is painting a unique artwork which looks like its been done on a newspaper base with the figure of a man sitting in a lawn chair on it. He gets help of other friends. He placed a big stencil frame on the artwork and spread a grey paint on one side. Then he slides it across the whole frame so that only the part where he wants to color spreads inside the frame. Betina is making the video while he is doing this artwork.

Jim Carrey | TruLife
© Jim Carrey. Original Silk Screen Print by Jim.

-- Source: JimCarreyTruLife.com. Click to comment this article.

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