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Four New "Mr. Popper's Penguins" Film Clips
04 Jun 2011    

By Priya Baboota (Web correspondent)

Yahoo! Movies, Movieweb and Imdb.com have uploaded four exclusive film clips from the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" starring Jim Carrey and Carla Gugino. The clips are: Bye Bye Birdie, Six Penguins, Take My Penguins and Surfing the Guggenheim. All the clips are hillarious!

Enjoy them here:

Bye Bye Birdie
In the Bye Bye Birdie clip, Jim Carrey is trying to get rid of the penguin by throwing water on the floor
and making it slide through it and go out of the building. But, unfortunately, the receptionist
gives it back to him.

Length: 42 seconds

Six Penguins
In the Six Penguins clip, Jim Carrey introduces the six penguins to his family by naming them according
to their behaviour. Captain, Loudy, Bitey, Stinky, Lovey and Nimrod.

Length: 31 seconds

Take my Penguins
In the Take my Penguins clip, Jim Carrey is trying to get rid of the penguins by shipping them through
the courier guys or simply taking them away to the animal shelter. But no is ready to do so.

Length: 34 seconds

Surfing the Guggenheim
In the Surfing the Guggenheim clip, Jim Carrey is talking to a lady about an important event which she is
planning to organize in a suffesticated party. And the penguins are as usual following him
everywhere and creates a mess!

Length: 53 seconds

-- Source: Yahoo! Movies, Movieweb and Imdb.com. Click to comment this article.

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