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Jim Carrey's visit to Haiti
01 Jun 2011    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

On January 12th 2010 the poorest country in the Western hemisphere was devastated by an earthquake which destroyed buildings, livelihoods and lives.

Today Haiti continues to struggle in the aftermath of the earthquake, which all but destroyed the capital Port-au-Prince and the agriculture industry.

Whilst relief agencies continue to struggle to establish the infrastructure, the population continues to suffer at the hands of poverty and in light of this, Jim Carrey's Better U Foundation and it's partners have established their presence in the county to promote the SRI rice production method. Better U has funded a first phase to establish how well SRI would work in Haiti, collaborated with established development organizations and laid the groundwork for the expansion of the SRI system of rice farming in Haiti.

In March this year Jim Carrey witnessed the plight of the people for himself, visiting schools and agricultural areas, promoting the revolutionary rice production method to those involved in farming the crop.

You can see for yourselves how Jim got on in a poignant docu film produced for the Better U website and keep up to date with any news by joining it's Facebook site.

Jim in Haiti

Jim in Haiti

Jim in Haiti

Jim in Haiti

-- Source: Better U Foundation. With thanks to EvaAraujo. Click to comment this article.

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