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"Earth Girls Are Easy" Production Notes
02 Mar 2011    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

Back in 1989 Jim Carrey starred in a little movie called "Earth Girls Are Easy", co-starring Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and fellow "In Living Color" alumni Damon Wayans.

Directed by Julien Temple, it was a tale of 3 fuzzy aliens stranded on earth, their encounters with humans and the usual dose of fun, frolics, love and music expected in Temples films. Although considered unsuccessful in it's time, the film has gone on to achieve a degree of cult status and it's stars have gone on to achieve huge success in their own right, so it's well worth investigating, as are the accompanying production notes which JCO member Cotton has typed from the original press kit.

Earth Girls Are Easy

With a full plot synopsis you'll get a full overview of the film as well as some unique insights into the production of the film, such as-

The unique look of "Earth Girls" was created by Production Designer Dennis Gassner, Art Director Dins Danielson, and Location Manager Donald Pott. Together they combed the streets and towns of urban Los Angeles, constructing a visual playground in which to set the high jinks that give the film its comic framework.


The aliens' costumes were created by Bob Clark, an expert in creature effects, and they covered the actors completely. Any surfaces that weren't furry were painted -- down to their teeth. Donning alien garb required two-and-a-half hours each morning (Including tooth cosmetics), and the removal process was equally lengthy.


Needless to say, the 100 plus degree temperature made looking happy and carefree a real test of the actors' skills. They were quite relieved that the script called for them to exfoliate rather early on the story.

and did you know...?

The film was shot in a variety of locations around Los Angeles, with S & G Global Studios in Silver Lake, California, housing the interiors of Val's house, the spaceship, and the Curl Up and Dye beauty salon.

It's well worth investigating Earth Girls are Easy and the notes will give you a good overview of the film and it's production.

Read the Production Notes, click here.

-- With big thanks to cotton. Click to comment this article.

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