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Memorable Moment: Jim Carrey on Conan O'Brien (2003)
03 Aug 2010    

By Priya Baboota (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey made an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in the year 2003 to promote his movie "Bruce Almighty". Conan announced that before the show starts lets look into the future.

Jim came out from behind the curtain wearing a future suit and said "The Future Conan". Then Jim started opinions about "In the year 2000 - The Carrey Edition". A guy sang in a classic opera voice "In the year 2000". Conan and Jim held a torch on their face to look spookier before they started telling about the future. Conon said first "Robots will do all the tasks such as washing dishes and marrying J. Lo". Then Jim said "Brain sucking aliens will invade the earth, but they will all be killed by imitating jackass". Conan said "male doctors will not be allowed to become Gynaecologists while a group of doctors will be seen High Fiving at a convention." Jim continued "Irish Americans will legally change their names to Drunken Americans. The question of life after death will be answered when the corpse Winston Churchill will be holding a conference and say "no". Carrots will no longer improve your eyesight, but can be used to scratch a deep rectal itch. Conan will replace Jim Carrey in the movie "Mask Part 2 - The Rocky Dennis Story." Conan said after that "Jim Carrey will commit his first murder of his fan when he after watching "Bruce Almighty" will come up to him and say 'Almighty Then'. Then Jim hit the guy who was singing "In the year 2000" with his torch at his back and sang "In the year 2000"!

Before they cut to commercials Jim Carrey went crazy with the band and played bass guitar and drums!

After the commercials, Conan commented on Jim's playing of drums "incredible performance". Jim said "It's in my blood! It's in my lifeline. It's in my roots. Jim said when I am sleeping my hands keep swining. Conan thought he was really into the music, but Jim said that no it's a nerve damage! Conan asks Jim that what he has been doing all these years and he said he is been doing lot of reading - road signs, prescriptions, etc. Then he seriously said that he is fascinated with Science and told Conan about the new Brain Theory by Steven Hawking. They talked about the Ipkyorotic Universe. He said that he was trying to tell people about this theory but they call him mad and laughed at him. Then, both Conan and Jim started laughing loudly. Suddenly Jim's cell phone rang and Stephen Hawking was on the phone. He was praising Jim about his knowledge and advised not to share with small brain people out there. Then before hanging up Stephen said he is busy watching "Dumb & Dumber" and he is marvelled by the pure brilliance of it and called Jim a Genius. After that Conan was amazed that Stephen Hawking was playing along with this joke! Jim met him at the Cambridge University requesting him to do this gig and he said "oh that sounds like fun". Also Stephen was a big Cable Guy fan, surprisingly. Jim said he wanted to do it again.

The talk was now about "Bruce Almighty" and Conan said that he controls things and it's going to be a big movie. Jim said sarcastically that it was fun working with Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman because he was tired of doing the same publicity all the time and he pretended to be a robot. Jim says the movie is about a news reporter who is disappointed by the fact that he sweats like a pig. He said he doesn't know what clip he is showing because he doesn't care. The clip where Bruce Nolan was splitting the soup is shown. And after the clip when Conan was continuing his questions about "Bruce Almighty", Jim's phone rang again and he wanted to do that Stephen Hawking act again but, Conan said he doesn't want to do that again. Before another commercial Jim went to the band again and played the trumpet.

After the break, when another female guest was talking, Jim's phone rang again and the same Stephen Hawking recording played. Jim ran to get his phone from her. Then again when third guest came, Jim's phone rang again, playing same Stephen Hawking clip again! The show ended with Jim arguing with Stephen about who is genius.

Watch the show here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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