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Riddin' Mr. Clifton's coattails
05 Nov 1999    

In the last few days we have received a couple messages from people claiming to be Tony Clifton/his representative. As you probably already know, Tony Clifton is one of Andy Kaufman's most well known alter egos. However, Andy Kaufman always denied that he was Clifton, and sustained that Clifton was/is a real person, whom he once saw performing in Las Vegas and decided to impersonate. We at JCO try to maintain an impartial view of things, and as such, we will post both messages for you to decide on their validity.

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am Mr. Tony Clifton's agent and my client has instructed me to send you a letter expressing his profound disgust for the unprofessional way your staff has handled information regarding the soundtrack of Mr. Clifton's upcoming movie "Man on the Moon." It has come to my client's knowledge that you have listed Mr. Jim Carrey as performing "I Will Survive" and "This Friendly World." This is an outrageous lie. My client is performing both songs, not Mr. Carrey. I advise you to correct this without further due, or my client will have to take legal action against your site.


Vinnie D'Amato
D'Amato Talent Agency

P.S. To make your job easier I am even sending the correct track list:

1. Man On The Moon - R.E.M.
2. Great Beyond, The - R.E.M.
3. This Friendly World - R.E.M./Andy & Tony
4. Kiss You All Over - Exile
5. Mighty Mouse Theme - The Sandpipers
6. Rose Marie - Andy Kaufman
7. Angela (Theme From "Taxi") - Bob James
8. One More Song For You - Andy Kaufman
9. I Will Survive - Tony Clifton
10. Milk & Cookies - R.E.M. (score)
11. Tony Thrown Out - R.E.M. (score)
12. Boil, The - R.E.M. (score)
13. Man On The Moon - R.E.M. (orchestral version)
14. Lynne & Andy - R.E.M. (score)
15. Miracle - R.E.M. (score)"

The second message comes from a certain "Anthony Clifton." And though we are not responsible for it, we'd like to apologize for the rudeness of the language.

"So I just get back from Tahoe where I had gotten in some nice R 'n' R with some fine Vegas trim when outta the freakin' blue my agent tells me that Carrey was at Zmuda's little Museum Of TV shindig! Seems that Mr. Big Mouth Butt Cheeks was dressed up as that louse F'ugly the Klown (the same ass-face who keeps claimin' that I'm his father)! Supposedly, this stinkin' F'ugly spent the whole night walkin' up and down in front of the museum with a tiny picket sign yelling "Tony is a deadbeat dad!" This Carrey loser has takin' things too far - usin' my good name to get places! Do yourselves a favor and go to this "klown's" website and tell him to go crawl back under the rotten rock he crawled out of from under. And tell 'em Tony C. sent 'ya!! Stinkin' klown! Klown, frown, down! Down you go Carrey!"

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