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Jim Carrey Interview
14 Oct 2009    

By Priya B (Web correspondent)

Jim Carrey was interviewed a few about his upcoming movie "Disney's A Christmas Carol". He was asked about his role of Scrooge which he played in the movie. He also told about his experience while working in the movie.

Carrey explained that even though "A Christmas Carol" was published more than 150 years ago, he thinks it is still popular because it is one of the greatest stories of transformation and redemption ever written and itís themes are truly universal. His introduction to "A Christmas Carol" was the version starring the British actor Alastair Sim [from 1951].

A Christmas Carol
© Walt Disney Pictures

Jim further explained about the movie: "When you can bring a story to people in a way that hasnít been seen before so that it leaps out of the screen and really touches them, then thatís exciting to me...".
According to Jim, the best part playing Scrooge was when he loved getting inside the head of the character and always liked the psychology and trying to understand why people become who they are.

Jim also talked about how he played Scrooge at different ages. There were about eight different characters which were a seven-year-old Scrooge and then the adolescent Scrooge, who suddenly realises that no one is going to pick him up from the orphanage when everybody else has somewhere else to go, etc.

About the technical aspects of the film, Jim said that all the actors were in a room together and gave a complete performance captured by a camera. Those images were then processed by computer to give the film its amazing look.

A Christmas Carol
© Walt Disney Pictures

Jim before closing the interview gave the moral behind "A Christmas Carol" which is "to love: to love yourself and to love the people around you and to know that you can make a difference in someone elseís life...". He also told about his favourite Christmas memory.

Don't miss reading the whole interview - click here!

-- Source: Parramatta Advertiser. With thanks to cotton. Click to comment this article.

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