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Jim Carrey calls for U.N. sanctions on Burma
06 Oct 2007    

By Nicola West (Editor/Writer (UK))

At a press conference in NYC yesterday Jim Carrey urged the security council to implement arms sanctions and pressure Burma to end it's suppression of pro-democracy supporters and the imprisonment of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Appealing to Than Shwe, head of the latest junta in 45 unbroken years of military rule of the former Burma he said: "There is nothing to defend if you have lost the faith of your people. It is already over."

"This is a government that uses its weapons not in self defense, but against its own citizens," the actor/comedian told a news conference across the street from the United Nations.

"The time has come for the United Nations Security Council to start acting less like a group of corporations and more like united nations," he said, urging China and Russia -- Security Council members that have been resistant to sanctions -- as well as India to back the ban.

Jim Carrey

Last week saw mass demonstrations across Burma resulting in some 100,000 protestors taking to the streets. The marches were halted by security forces who imposed violent raids on monasteries. Communication networks were shut down as the West watched leaked images in horror.

The speech was a precursor to a day of worldwide activities organised to highlight the crises by the Campaign for Burma.

(The name 'Burma' is used instead of Myanmar in respect of the pro-democracy protestors. Myanmar was the name imposed on them by the military.)

-- Source: U.S. Campaign for Burma. Click to comment this article.

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